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RCC welcomes all forms of sponsorship.

RCC is an amateur sports club and is wholly dependent on volunteers. We are incredibly fortunate to have so many people who dedicate time and passion to help the club thrive. These range from the Welfare Officer, Age Group Managers, Kit Supremos, Grounds and Facilities miracle workers, mid-week scorers or umpires, or Sunday morning cat herders (and all those other roles that I have missed) - these are the people who make Richmond Cricket Club.

Your sponsorship could help these wonderful people to continue to support our 75 adults and 450 junior members and their parents.

As well as encouraging participation we are highly successful on the field. RCC Juniors combines for “cricket for all" with elite player development and it is a juggling act to manage this balance effectively. Turn up on a Sunday morning or a weekday evening and you will see that there is always a happy buzz about both Old Deer Park (ODP) and the Newman Cricket Ground (NCG) at Christ’s School. The league and cup results continue to be strong and we have a growing group of very talented cricketers making their mark at representative level. The girls age groups are thriving and this is set to continue. There is no doubt that we are delivering on cricket for all.

We are well represented (boys and girls) on the Middlesex and Surrey County pathways and that is a testament to the talent of the players and of the high quality cadre of coaches who are now part of RCC. This team, under the oversight of Director of Cricket (DoC) Adam London, are highly qualified and experienced and mean that RCC is becoming a destination for ambitious young cricketers.

Now for the money bit……. we are not a profit making organisation but the books need to balance. We must cover our costs and this is particularly challenging this year. If you want to be associated with this wonderful club please contact either Chris Goldie (Club Chairman) or Greg Tijerina ( Juniors Chairman).