Playing for RCC Seniors



Selection meetings will take place every Monday evening. Please ensure that you set your availability via the club app (Pitchero) no later than 5pm on Monday for the following Saturday. Marking when you are unavailable, not just when you are available is extremely helpful. Please make every effort to do this. Teams will be posted via the app no later than Wednesday evening.

Once in Pitchero, please hit 'confirm' against your selection.


Once a member has declared him or herself available to play, they are not expected to cry-off. However, the committee understands that, very occasionally, a cry-off is unavoidable. If you have to cry-off, please contact your team Captain by telephone as early as possible.

When a player cries off, it can affect up to 5 Richmond teams, weakening sides and potentially leaving one team short. Persistent or specious or late cry-offs will be reflected in subsequent selection decisions.


Arrival times for all matches are at the discretion of each Captain. Each captain will inform their team of the meet time.

As a general rule of thumb, the Committee expects that all players should be on the ground a minimum of 60 minutes before the scheduled start of a match.

Home matches - see above

Away matches - your captain will confirm the meet time at Old Deer Park ahead of travelling to the away ground. If planning to travel to an away match without calling at the Club (“going direct”), please first check with your Captain that your car is not needed to transport other players. Only travel direct once your Captain has been informed and agreed.

Members who persistently arrive late for match meet times can expect the Selection Committee to take punitive action against them. This may include players being dropped down through the sides, irrespective of their normal team position.


Match fees are paid by every player as a contribution to the costs of teas, balls, ground hire, umpires and scorers. As an amateur cricket club, we don't survive if these are not paid. Please pay your match fees promptly via the club app (Pitchero). Regular non payment of match fees will lead to sanctions by the selection committee.