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An Appeal from Richmond Cricket Club

An Appeal from Richmond Cricket Club

Rich Zotov25 Mar 2020 - 08:00
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how you can help to ensure that your club is ready to help when we return to normality

RCC is at its best when our cricketers, young and old, are out in the middle, our nets are full and the boundary is patrolled by parents, grandparents, family and friends
- Chris Goldie - RCC Chairman

If you wish to donate please click here.

In these strange and scary times, we very much hope that you and your family are following government advice and staying fit and well. Last week, the England & Wales Cricket Board decreed that all recreational cricket activities have been suspended indefinitely. Richmond Cricket Club is complying with this ruling.

Sadly this means that there can be no cricket activities of any kind until such time as we are permitted to resume our season. Whilst this is incredibly frustrating for all of us, it is the right and only thing to do.

If we can take any comfort for this wretched situation, it is the fact that, in all probability, our children will be physically unharmed by the virus. Whilst they will inevitably be confined as this events unfurls - missing the company of their friends and team-mates - they will be back to play cricket as soon as it is all over. Here at Richmond Cricket Club, we are determined that we will be here for them whenever that call is made.

As a Community Amateur Sports Club, Richmond is, in effect, a charity that survives on subscriptions and income from match fees, bar and social events. Whilst we are taking every measure possible to reduce our regular expenditure, our outgoings over the coming months remain challenging.

When we are able to resume our sport, we need to be able to meet our costs. For the first time in Richmond’s 158 year history, our future is at risk. Now, more than ever, we need your support.

We ask that you consider helping to ensure Richmond Cricket Club is able to welcome you back at the end of this crisis. We believe that clubs like ours will be essential to well-being post virus. Therefore we are asking if you would maintain your commitment to the Club by transferring what would have been your subscription, or some part of it, into a donation to allow us to continue to be there for you and your family.

We appreciate that this is, for some, a big call and that not everyone will be able or want to do this. But, if you are able to help us at this crucial time, it would be massively appreciated. If you wish to donate please click here.

The first donations have already come through both from those who had already paid their subs and those who had not - we are hugely grateful.

If you have any questions about this request or the rest of the season or would like to discuss how you can help us further through these most difficult of times, do please contact either of us at any time. Our emails and telephone numbers are given below.

Above all, please stay safe. Both the game of cricket and Richmond CC are at their best when our cricketers, young and old, are out in the middle, our nets are full and the boundary is patrolled by parents, grandparents, family and friends. We want you all back.

Rich Zotov, Juniors Chairman (, 07464 725953)
Chris Goldie, Club Chairman (, 07710 493251)

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