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By Rich Zotov
22 December 2021
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How can you help to improve our great club?

the inclusive messages at the heart of strategy are very timely

The attached video outlines a compelling future for our club, and includes a call for volunteers. It builds on our rich history, protects all that is great about the club, and outlines what we need to improve over the coming years.

In October the RCC Committee asked a group of volunteers from across the club to make recommendations for a new club strategy. 2021 was a very successful season for the club: the new Women’s 1st XI were promoted, 3 of the men’s teams won their divisions, the 1st XI won the Middlesex Cup and there new numerous wins for our juniors - both boys and girls. Friendly cricket was strong, Cricket Week and the Tour once again successful, and participation numbers were high across the junior age groups. So this piece of work was commissioned from a position of strength.

In forming their recommendations the working group considered the feedback from a survey completed by over 100 club members. In addition over 40 detailed interviews were conducted, both with members and also with external parties from other sports clubs (not just cricket) in order to identify areas of best practice.

Whilst this work was largely completed before the issues surrounding racism in English cricket came to light, we believe that the inclusive messages at the heart of strategy are very timely.

The strategy was agreed at committee and then presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting in November. The team repeated this presentation in an online video call, and the attached video is a recording of that call. Please take the time (just over 15 mins) to watch the video that outlines the direction of the club and makes a clear call for volunteers.

If you want to help to rejuvenate our great club here are the contact details for volunteers:

Cricket & Coaching


Culture & Social

From Chris Goldie and the RCC Committee

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