Quarantine Cricket with Adam London - General Fitness

By Rich Zotov
21 April 2020
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Great weather means no excuses for missing out on your fitness!!

It looks a tough one but you'll be feeling great after it.
Adam London - RCC Director of Cricket

Another session from Nick for everyone at Richmond CC to give a good go at. Great weather this week, no excuses to not keep on top of your fitness and well being this week. It looks a tough one but you'll be feeling great after it.

Here are the exercises and amount of reps below. Nick has explained the exercises during the video to help you out.

Exercise 1 - One Arm Thrusters x 10 each side

Exercise 2 - Swings x 20

Exercise 3 - Alternative reverse lunges x 10 each side

Exercise 4 - Up Rows x 15

Exercise 5 - Mountain Climbers x 20

Rest a full 60-90 seconds. (Grab a drink)
4 Rounds.

Love to hear how you found it, so please get in touch with any questions, queries or feedback.

Push yourself!!!!

All the best,

Adam and Nick

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