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Serving drinks at Old Deer Park from 4th July

Serving drinks at Old Deer Park from 4th July

By Chris Goldie
3 July 2020
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We are reopening with a restricted bar service from tomorrow - 4th July. Please read below for further information.

These have been difficult times for everyone. At Old Deer Park, we have tried our very best to follow all Government and National Governing Body guidelines whilst attempting to provide our members with sporting facilities as and when allowed. The ODPSG Board would like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and cooperation throughout the last few months.

From this Saturday, 4th July, we can finally begin serving drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, from the Pavilion. For a number of reasons, not least the financial imperative that we cannot afford to lose money by reopening, we will be opening up on a limited basis so that we can assess demand and manage our staff effectively.

We must continue to follow all guidelines around social distancing and we have to operate a Track and Trace service. We will, however, be constantly reviewing our operation and will adjust our services based on reality rather than assumption.

We are therefore asking all members and visitors to Old Deer Park to observe the following rules:

  1. 1. The Pavilion will remain closed to everyone except staff.
  2. 2. The only available toilets are those situated behind the Pavilion. These have been adapted for use by both men and women and are being inspected and cleaned regularly.
  3. 3. There will be a clearly marked one-way system for the buying and collection of drinks. You will order and pay for your drinks at one door and collect them from another.
  4. 4. We would ask that only one person is responsible for the buying and collection of drinks. Please do not queue up in a group.
  5. 5. Having collected your drinks, please move away from the patio area and sit with a group of no more than 6 people at one of the tables set out on the grass. If there are no available tables, please feel free to sit on the grass, but again in a group of no more than 6 and observing social distancing recommendations.
  7. 7. We will be operating a cashless system only. Contactless cards and mobile pay only please.
  8. 8. Initially we will only be serving bottled beers, wines and soft drinks. Plastic glasses only may be used.
  9. 9. Opening hours for the serving of drinks will be as follows:
  10. a. Saturdays and Sunday 1.30pm to 9.30pm
  11. b. Weekdays 5pm to 9pm
  12. c. Last orders will be 10 minutes before closing times.
  13. 10. There will not be any food service other than bar-snacks (crisps, peanuts, etc.).
  14. 11. The main gates will be locked at 9.30 every night until further notice. We have had to introduce this to reduce access to the ground by undesirables

Further information

  • o We are trying to obtain a tea & coffee machine which will be located inside the Pavilion. Once this has been secured, you will be able to order teas and coffees through the serving entrance.
  • o We hope to start serving draft beers very soon. You will be notified when these are available.
  • o Future opening hours will be adjusted once we know more about demand and peak times.
  • o Hand sanitisers will be provided around the social areas. Please use these as often as is appropriate.
  • o If and when cricket matches resume, we may need to relocate some of the tables.
  • o We will update all members of ODP as and when arrangements change.


  • o Put your rubbish (empty bottles, etc.) in one of the rubbish bins when you leave ODP. Do not leave them for the staff to clean up after you.
  • o Be polite and understanding towards our staff. Their health and safety, like yours, is of paramount importance.
  • o Understand that, if our staff see behaviour which is in direct contravention of our safety measures – such as gatherings larger than 6 people in a group – they have the right to close the bar facilities at any time.
  • o Recognise that we are all feeling our way through this situation. We may not get everything right straight away, but we are doing our best to provide our members and visitors with everything that we are permitted to do.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Old Deer Park is a very visible facility and therefore adherence to our rules is of paramount importance to avoid scrutiny from our neighbours and passers-by.

Track & Trace information

We are required by law to collect contact details from anyone who uses our bar facilities. To register before visiting ODP, please visit our website :

On the home page, you will see a simple form. Please fill in your details and tick the GDPR box. We will not be retaining any information for any longer than the period required by government.

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