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In 1987 the video camera made its debut on the Richmond Tour. Norman Harris (The Sunday Times) had recently purchased one and he brought it along. Several "cameramen" had a go, with varying levels of success. This combined effort was edited together into some sort of order during quiet periods in the Newsnight cutting rooms. The original has a music soundtrack, but this has been omitted for copyright reasons. Unfortunately for Norman the video captures his six identical play and misses during one over at Bourton Vale. This invites comparisons to Geoff Boycott's torrid over against Michael Holding in the Barbados Test of 1981, although at least Norman does manage to stay in. The games shown are at Frocester, Chipping Campden, Ombersley and Bourton Vale - the highlight being the last wicket partnership between Ray Newman and Phil Slane at Frocester. The tourists featured are: Chris Cooper, Arthur Speake, Ed Shellard, Laurie Allan, Robin Pearson, Tim Normington, Phil Slane, Ray Newman, Steve Goldie, Terry Harris, Bob Renville, Nick Tindall, Mike Cronkshaw, Norman Harris and Derek Pearson (umpire).