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Nets and 121s are proving a big success during half-term

By Richard Zotov
26 May 2020
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Grass nets now open!

This has given us the confidence to extend our 3 artificial turf nets with 2 grass lanes on the main square at ODP

Enjoy the cricket!
RCC were one of the first clubs to open our nets to members following publication of the ECB's guidance. We were able to do this as we were prepared - prior to lockdown we had already put together a plan, prepared a risk assessment and produced a protocol for 121 coaching. We were then able to make a few minor adjustments to bring these in line with the ECBs guidance when they were released on the 15th of May.

The coaches are doing a fantastic job (click here to see our list of approved coaches and contact details) of providing fun cricket whilst providing a safe environment, and our members are respecting the guidelines (click here for guidelines and the booking system). This has given us the confidence to extend our 3 artificial turf nets with 2 grass lanes on the main square at ODP.

Half-term week has been incredibly busy so far and we have been running at full capacity for most of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Now that we have the extra lanes there are some gaps in schedule that can be booked by members. Now that we have our online booking system in place we have removed the requirement to book 24 hours in advance - but you must still book. It is, therefore, worth checking in the morning to see whether any slots have been released. Note that grass lane bookings are limited to coaches and club volunteers at the moment. This is because the criteria for use are more extensive to protect the surface. We will review this regularly, particular as the lanes harden up. We will also likely insist on a £10 payment for the use of a grass lane as there are significant costs in maintaining them.

Support your club
This is our final attempt to appeal to all members who choose to use the nets - please do make a voluntary contribution if you can afford to do so. We have resisted making payment mandatory because there are some, of course, who are struggling financially in the current climate. However, 19 of the 50 member booked slots in the last week were made by members who have not made a single contribution to the club this year. If this sort of ratio continues we will have to introduce pay-before-you-play. As a reminder we are suggesting just £5 for the use an artificial a net for 50 minutes. We believe this is an excellent rate.

Thank you for your support - enjoy the cricket and the weather.

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