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Quarantine Cricket with Adam London - part 1 The Pull Shot

Rich Zotov31 Mar 2020 - 07:00
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Keep your game sharp from the safety of your own home

This is the first of my series to keep you on top of your game
- Adam London - RCC Director of Cricket

NOTE: to watch the video if you are using the app please go to the videos tab

This is the first of my series to keep you on top of your game until we can all get out into the sunshine and play some cricket! All will be accompanied by a short video from my back yard. Feel free to watch it in the mirror if you are right handed!

The pulls shot is quite often neglected at a young age and I was not exception. However, it has a been a great shot and a successful one for myself, and it is one that you need in your armoury.

As you get older you'll be facing quicker bowlers. Bowlers that will be testing you at pace above waist height more and more often. As a batter you want to make sure that the bowler's margin for error is small and to do that a pull shot must be a shot you play. It's a scoring shot and you are looking for a boundary with it. Here are a few tips to get you started and for improving your pull shot:

  • make sure you get deep in your crease (back foot as close as possible to the stumps to give you as much time as possible, with your toes pointing towards point. Your front foot should slide in the same direction towards your back foot). You need a SOLID BASE!
  • stay side on as much as you can. It means your bat will travel 180° rather than 90° if you are chest on. It will allow you to generate more bat speed
  • keep your head as still as possible and your eyes level
  • make sure your hands are high and come down on the ball (high to low)
  • use a full extension of the arms, making sure you are not cramped for room and can generate maximum power

The line of the ball should determine where you are looking to place the shot. For example if the ball is outside off stump you should be looking to hit the ball to the mid-wicket region. For a body line delivery you should be hitting the ball in front of square. Down leg side you should be looking to hit the ball behind square.

Now watch the video. If you do not have a medicine ball I am sure that your parents can help you to improvise. Good Luck!

...and don't forget that the club needs your support. Read about our appeal here.

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