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3. Middlesex CCC

Many people ask why Richmond, which is located geographically in Surrey, is a Middlesex club. The answer lies in the formation of the Leagues in south-east England. The Surrey Championship was formed before the Middlesex County Cricket League in the late 1960's. Richmond CC was invited to join but declined. Firstly, the Club's hierarchy at the time was sceptical about League cricket and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Richmond's most regular opponents over the years were based to the North and West rather than around South London. So, the decision was taken to reject Surrey's offer and wait for a Middlesex League to be formed. When this happened just a few years later, Richmond was among the 16 Founding Members of the League.

These days the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, which straddles the River Thames - the traditional County boundary, is recognised by the ECB as being in Middlesex. Our Colts play in the Middlesex Colts Competitions, the Club is affiliated to the Middlesex Cricket Board and our relationship with the County Club is excellent.

Old Deer Park first staged a Middlesex 1st XI match in 2000 and we are delighted to be still hosting County 1st and 2nd XI matches. A particularly fond memory is the first Twenty20 match to be played in Middlesex in 2003 when the Crusaders took on and beat the Kent Spitfires on a glorious sunny day in front of over 3500 enthusiastic supporters.

To find out more about Middlesex CCC, visit the County's website at: www.middlesexccc.com