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7. Richmond on Film

Over the years various film recordings of club activities have been made. Some appeared on regional television whilst others are records of certain matches and a few tours. Most of these were filmed by Robin Pearson, a longtime stalwart of the club, whose father and grandfather both represented Richmond as well.

The films can be found on Youtube through this link :

Richmond CC on Film

For the modern generation of cricketers, there are a few highlights to look out for :

  • Arthur Speake batting
  • Ray Newman bowling
  • Alastair Evans-Gordon with very long blonde hair and bounding in to bowl with youthful vigour
  • Chris Goldie keeping wicket in a very posey fashion
  • Steve Goldie slogging it a few times
  • A very youthful and slim Paul Bail chipping one to mid-off
  • The inimitable Peter Ray being interviewed
  • Laurie Allan bowling
  • Terry Woram swooping in the field
  • For older cricketers, there are many familiar faces in the videos including :
  • The late Terry Harris
  • John Woollhead
  • Nigel Ross
  • Trevor Brown
  • Dai Thomas
  • Hugh Goldie
  • Tim Braine
  • Robin Pearson
  • David Heyn
  • Mike Cronkshaw
  • David Tune
  • Alan Simpson
  • Bob Renville
  • Norman Harris
  • Tim Normington
  • Ed Shellard
  • Chris Cooper
  • Nick Tindall
  • Phil Slane
  • Ricky Cameron
  • Nick Demery
  • Derek Pearson
  • Brian Regler
  • Dave Wood
  • Kassim Bacchus
  • Feisal Bacchus
  • David Dandridge
  • Charlie Bowman
  • Andy Braund
  • Andy Gregory
  • Mike Garrod
  • Ian Smith
  • Doug Kuit
  • Dave Macarthy
  • Dave Wood
  • Martyn Stear
  • Sue Lewis
  • and quite a few more.