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1. Adult Subscription Payment Policy

Subs should be paid before you play. This is standard practice at sports clubs. Importantly it also ensures that you are insured. More detail is set out below.

Subscriptions (subs) are collected to cover the costs of running and maintaining the club and facilities - this includes:

  • coaching
  • maintaining our two grounds
  • nets
  • pitch preparation
  • equipment
  • ground hire
  • rent to our landlord at Old Deer Park (known as the ODPSG Contribution), and
  • insurance.

RCC offer the options to pay subs in one lump sum or to spread over multiple payments.

Where an individual is financially disadvantaged, subscriptions may be reduced or payment plans agreed. It is our aim to ensure that the club is open to the whole community. Please contact the Deputy Chairman, Steve Deakin to discuss. All requests will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Subs must be paid in full or the 1st instalment of a payment plan must be paid by 30th of April or by Close of Business the Monday before you 1st available game, to be considered for selection.

Without payment of subs, members are not insured to play cricket for Richmond and therefore the club cannot consider players for selection until payment is received.

All members must register on the Richmond Website and subs must be paid via the Shop section of the Website, unless a separate schedule has been agreed with the Deputy Chairman. Please do not request to pay by a different method - multiple methods significantly increases the administrative burden on club officials.

New Members:

New Members are able to play 1 game for the club before subs are due (they will be asked for an enhanced match fee to cover insurance).

Following a successful trial subs must be paid in full or the 1st instalment of a payment plan must be paid by Close of Business the Monday before the next available game to be considered for selection.

RCC 2023 Subscription (Subs) Costs:


C1 - Men’s full membership - over 21 and under 65 on 1st September 2023
Cost - £220

C2 - For senior adult male members - 65 or over on 1st September 2023
Cost - £180

C3 - For full-time male students or unemployed members
Cost - £150

Social Member - Non playing members
Cost - £50

C4 - Junior U10 – U17
Cost - £165

C6 - Junior membership – U6 – U9
Cost - £125

C7 - Women full membership
Cost - £110

C8 - Full time female student or unemployed membership
Cost - £75