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Quarantine Cricket with Adam London - part 5 Catching & Fielding

Rich Zotov14 Apr 2020 - 07:00
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In number 5 in the series Adam looks at fielding - how are RCC going to be the best fielding side in Middlesex?

that could be the ball you take a stunning one handed catch or a direct hit to win your team the game
- Adam London - RCC Director of Cricket

Launch of Online 121s
Before you get started on the latest drills please take a read of this. It is very important for the club that you stay engaged with RCC through this time, and we are doing our utmost to provide you what we can through this website. We already have 5 different training sessions - in words and on video - that cover batting, bowling, fielding and cricket fitness. And we are committed to publishing two more each week. These are freely available to everyone so take advantage, stay connected and keep your children (and why not yourselves?) active.

For those who want to take it a step further, today Adam is launching Online 121s. This initiative will provide tailored coaching that works in isolation as well as raising much needed funds for the club. Adam will be running the sessions either on Zoom or WhatsApp video. To book a time please contact Adam directly by email or phone 07507 884882. Purchases should be made here at the club's online shop.
Why not give it a go?

Now for the latest from Adam:

Happy Easter to all Richmond Cricket Club members. Hope everyone had a great long weekend and had too many Easter eggs.

As you can see in the videos you have 3 catching and fielding sessions to get stuck into. Fielding is the discipline we do the most in every game. You could have a bad day with the bat or ball or even both but you have to make sure you're fully engaged on the next ball, as that could be the ball you take a stunning one handed catch or a direct hit to win your team the game. WHAT A FEELING!! You can't get away with only being good at one discipline in cricket anymore so make sure you put as much time as effort into fielding as you do batting and bowling.

Exercise 1 Key Points - wall or partner catch.

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • On the balls of your feet
  • Watch the ball into your hands

Exercise 2 Key points - Cone and catch.

  • Feel shoulder width apart
  • Light on your feet
  • Speed to the cone
  • Speed back to the middle
  • Head still as possible
  • REMEMBER where the colours are ( see the video )

Exercise 3 Key points - Half-volley pick up.

  • Feet in a powerful position to push off
  • Head still
  • Come up with the bounce
  • Watch the ball all the way

Hope you enjoyed the videos, give them a go and work hard.

Good luck!!


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