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2020 Junior Chairman's Letter
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1. 2020 Junior Chairman's Letter

My annual letter is still below - a reminder of more certain and safer times. As I sit typing this update, with the sun streaming through my living room window, I can almost hear the sound of leather on willow and the happy buzz of an evening down at Old Deer Park. Players and friends running around, throw downs being hit just a little too close to the gathering of proud parents whilst a game unfolds in the middle. I have been privileged to be part of this club as a parent, age group manager, player and Juniors Chairman. My wife and I have many friends whom we have met through the club and my children have passed countless hours enjoying their cricket and their friends in the sunshine (and occasional snow storm) with the club.

We all are facing difficult times and my thoughts are with those who are suffering and with those key workers who are looking after them. They deserve our gratitude.

However, it is also important that we look to the future. The sense of community that is building around us is palpable. It is true on my street where I am newly connected with people who I have lived close to for years. And it is true at Richmond Cricket Club. There is a dedicated team of volunteers working hard to ensure that our club is strong when we emerge from this pandemic - and our membership are providing their support through donations. We must retain this sense of community at the club so that it is not merely a place where we drop our kids to play cricket, but a focal point for coming together to enjoy one another's company. We all have it in our gift to help the club become stronger - and I am sure that we will appreciate it far more than we did in the past.

Stay safe and well and support your club as part of a brighter future.

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Rich Zotov
RCC Juniors Chairman

What a year 2019 was for English cricket. The men’s team joined the women to claim the ODI World Cup and tied a hard fought Ashes series that saw one of the all time best match winning innings in test cricket by Ben Stokes. And it doesn’t stop there. England’s women are just about to start their attempt to add the T20 World Cup to their 50 over crown in Australia and the men will have their turn, also down under, at the end of the year. It is now time for us to do our part in growing the number of children who love the game, and providing the budding stars of the future.

We start on the evening of Monday 20th April - see this page on the website for full details. If you want a quick guide for the season please go to the “All you need to know” page on our website. Please come along, bring your friends and enjoy the summer at RCC.

The highlight of 2019 was the U13 girls run to the Lady Taverner’s National Cup finals day. This is a remarkable achievement by a talented group of girls who have been afforded the opportunity by a dedicated and growing group of volunteers who have grown the girls section of the club. Well done to all. The development of the Girls section means that in 2020 we are reintroducing women’s cricket to RCC which is a really important step for the club. 2019 also saw a lot of juniors making a difference in senior men’s cricket. On a personal note I captained the 4th XI towards the end of the season and saw no fewer than 6 different junior bowlers take 5 wicket hauls to help steer the team to safety. This shows that we are starting to see the flow of talented junior players through to the adult teams, right the way through to the 1st XI.

RCC is an amateur sports club and is wholly dependent on volunteers. We are all incredibly fortunate to have so many people who dedicate time and passion to help the club thrive. If you are a Welfare Officer, Age Group Manager, Kit Supremo, Grounds and Facilities miracle worker, mid-week scorer or umpire, or Sunday morning cat herder (and all those other roles that I have missed) I offer you my warmest thanks. You are Richmond Cricket Club. We need more help. Whatever your skillset please get in touch. We particular need help with communications and social media, with fundraising and social events. And an age group manager for the U8s.

Once again I am delighted to offer special thanks to our sponsors - Chestertons. The financial contribution that they make to the club is a significant and important one, but our estate agent friends go well beyond that. They are regular hosts at club events and enthusiastic supporters of RCC Juniors. We wear our purple coaches tops with pride! ....and if you have a house to sell please do go along to your local Chesterons branch and let them know you are from RCC.

RCC Juniors stands for “cricket for all and for elite player development” and it is a juggling act to manage this balance effectively. Turn up on a Sunday morning or a Monday evening and you will see that there is always a happy buzz about both Old Deer Park (ODP) and the Newman Cricket Ground (NCG) at Christ’s School. The league and cup results from last year were again strong and we have a growing group of very talented cricketers making their mark at representative level. The girls age groups continue to grow and are thriving and under the leadership from Chris and the team - this is set to continue. There is no doubt that we are delivering on cricket for all.

We are well represented (boys and girls) on the Middlesex and Surrey County pathways and that is a testament to the talent of the players and of the high quality cadre of coaches who are now part of RCC. This team, under the oversight of Director of Cricket (DoC) Adam London, are highly qualified and experienced and mean that RCC is becoming a destination for ambitious young cricketers.

Now for the money bit……. we are not a profit making organisation but the books need to balance. We must cover our costs. We have been able to hold our subs flat this year, though we have made one change. We did have a middle tier of junior membership for U10 and U11. This dates from when these age groups played few matches and as a result incurred very little in terms of match costs (ground hire and match balls). Their fixture list is now full so we have included them in the older Tier of junior membership. We believe that we offer excellent value for money - please see the link here for our subs policy. As a reminder these subs cover:

  • The lease on Old Deer Park - this has been subject to an increase from a peppercorn rent to a full commercial one. We are actively pursuing revenue generating opportunities to insulate the members from the bulk of this increase.
  • Ground maintenance for ODP and NCG including nets, pitches and scoreboards
  • Coaching - professional coaching from Adam London (Director of Cricket) and his team and the cost of ECB training for our volunteers
  • Equipment for training and matches - and you would not believe how many balls “disappear” from the club
  • Ground hire - as the number of teams expand we need to hire more grounds to run concurrent matches
  • Insurance – which only covers registered and paid up members

Other activities that we run, such as the academy or winter nets, have a separate fee to cover costs.

Holiday Cricket Camps - we do make some money on camps and this is all ploughed back into the club. These are great fun so please participate and support your club.

As with previous years we are more than happy to agree discounts for those not able to pay, but the club as a whole needs to cover costs – so please respond to that online payment request when it comes your way.

In summary RCC is a wonderful place to spend some of your time in the summer months. Please continue to participate, understand when club officials chase you for subs, and help us to build the sense of community at this special club.

Bring on the cricket.
Rich Zotov
RCC Juniors Chairman