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2. All you Need to Know

At what age can my child join the junior section?
We accept boys and girls from U6 to U17.

How do I register my child as a member?
Please see the Membership and Registration page and click on the 'Join' button to register your child

How and when do I need to pay?
Please see the Membership and Registration page for information on membership payments

Do you offer discounted membership fees?
Yes, we offer discounted membership to those applicants who are eligible for free school meals. or equivalent, please contact Juniors' Chair, Greg Tijerina to discuss in confidence.

Where and when is training?
Training starts on different dates for each age group. Please click here for details on training session timings for each age group.

What clothing should my child wear to training?
It is not necessary to wear whites for practice sessions – tracksuits/ shorts, T-shirt and trainers are fine. Abdominal protection is required (for boys) when using a hard cricket ball - this applies to u9 and above only. Sunhats, sunscreen and plenty of water are essential for the warmer weather.

What clothing should my child wear for matches?
Our official club kit supplier, Masuri, supplies high quality match kit. Please visit the RCC Online Store. Your Age Group Manager will be able to advise you on what kit to buy and personalisation options.

Does the club provide specialist cricket kit?
The team manager or coach will have a kit bag with spare equipment. We would advise that boys have their own abdominal protection when playing hardball. Many children will bring their own equipment and the first piece of equipment we would recommend is their own gloves but this is not required.

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately, the one thing we can't arrange for is the weather. When it's raining or the ground is very wet, it may be necessary to call off training. This decision is made by Director of Cricket or Juniors' Chair one hour before training starts, whenever possible. The decision will be posted on Twitter (click on link).

Who are the Age Group Managers, and what do they do?
The Age Group Managers (AGMs) are your main point of contact. All of the AGMs are volunteers, and they are often (but not always) the parent of a child in the same group.

They help run coaching sessions; organise and run fixtures themselves; make sure that responsible adults are available to run fixtures in their absence; communicate with parents on matters relating to selection, match arrangements and other admin.

The contact details of each AGM can be found in the respective age group page from the dropdown Teams list above or via the Contact section.

Can I be sure my child is well looked after?
Richmond CC has Clubmark status, which is awarded to clubs who have the best practice welfare and child protection processes in place. All our managers and qualified coaches are ECB DBS-checked, and have attended first aid and child protection courses within the last three years. In addition we expect that for children who are under 12, a parent or guardian should be present at coaching. We have a Club Welfare Officer ( Fiona Cawthorne ) who is available to discuss any individual concerns or issues.

Can I park at Old Deer Park and Newman Cricket Ground?
Firstly, please do consider walking, cycling or taking public transport. If you drive (we understand kit can be heavy), parking is free at ODP for members and their guests. However, new for 2024, all members and guests are now required to validate their registration plate at a terminal in the bar if they plan to stay longer than 2 hours. Failure to do so will result in a £60 fine (which the club does not profit from). Please ask your AGM if you have any queries.
Parking remains free and unrestricted at Newman Cricket Ground (Christ's School).

How can I help?
Any help is very welcome, and in many cases you don’t need to have any knowledge of cricket to help out. We value our volunteers in whatever capacity they choose to help the club, be it team management, coaching, scoring, umpiring, helping with the admin, fundraising, or simply helping with lifts to and from the ground. If you can help in any way please visit the junior Volunteering page and contact juniors' chair, Greg Tijerina.

What is expected of me?
On joining the club, you undertake to abide by the Club's Code of Conduct for parents and carers, and to make your child aware of the Code of Conduct for junior players.

Can my child play outside of his / her age group?
We encourage children to play in their designated age group. Any exceptions to this are made in the interests of the child and factor in potential impact on other players.

  • Playing up: if a player is good enough to have a major impact in the A side of an older age group they may play the season in that age group. This is typically a strong county player and should be agreed with the Age Group Manager and Juniors Chairman. It is generally in the cricketing interest of a child to be a major contributor in their own age group rather than an average player in an older group. We also have to factor in the potential lost opportunity for players in the older age group.
  • Playing down: at present there are no options to play matches in a younger age group. Whilst there has been some movement in schools to allow summer born children to select the younger school year this has not been replicated by the ECB for competitive cricket.
  • Girls playing boys cricket: the general rule is that girls can play down 1 year in boys cricket. Specifics will have to be discussed with age group managers.
  • An age group manager may request the assistance of younger players if this is needed to fulfil an individual fixture due to limited availability. This should not pull players away from a fixture in their own age group.

My child is signed up for All Stars. Can they play the full 13 week season?
We offer an All Stars "top up" package that extends the season for our youngest members. This covers training every Sunday for the full junior season from 10am-12noon on a Sunday at Old Deer Park. The 8 weeks x 1 hour of the All Stars programme is incorporated. Only players who have been signed up for All Stars can do the additional 5 week top up. To pay for the top up subscription please click here and select All Stars Top Up Membership.

Any further questions, please contact the Juniors' Chair or your Age Group Manager.