Safeguarding and Supporting RCC W&G
Women and Girls 7 of 9

7. Safeguarding and Supporting RCC W&G


Enabling our Women and Girls to achieve a fulfilling and successful season will require support from the wider group of friends, parents, and siblings.

The season can be as much as 25, or even 30, games. This will require umpires, scorers, and general support with corralling the players. From a safeguarding perspective we require a female parent, guardian or coach to be at all training and matches. This is a strict requirement that we need to fulfil to enable us to run a junior girls‘ section.

The RCC Safeguarding Officer is Paul Mustafa.

Get involved to support the W&G section

Scoring and umpiring is easy and can be fun to learn!

Scoring will be done in partnership with the opposition scorer, either in the book or on the app, and it’s incredible sociable.

Umpiring is also fun and easily learnt, and support and training will be given. We encourage you to get involved!