Quarantine Cricket with Adam London - The Reverse Sweep

By Rich Zotov
19 April 2020
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This is a signature shot for our Director of Cricket. Here are his tips on how to bring this attacking shot into your own repertoire

A shot that I really enjoy playing and has been a successful one for me
Adam London - RCC Director of Cricket

A shot that is a lot more common in the game now. A shot that I really enjoy playing and has been a successful one for me. Yes, I have got out to it on a number of occasions, but I have also got out plenty of times trying to execute a cover drive. I would encourage you to learn to play it and practice it, especially if you're not confident using your feet and hitting the spinner over the top. No better time to give it a go than now.

Key points for the reverse sweep.

  • Pick the line and length early as possible
  • A measured stride forward.
  • Hands up and round (see video)
  • Head and weight forward
  • Back knee on the ground.
  • Hands high to low

Very important to know where you're looking to hit the ball on certain deliveries. The straighter the ball is bowled the squarer you should be looking to hit the ball. Further outside off stump the more behind square.

Hope you all enjoyed the video. Work hard, practice hard and let's hope we can get down to the club very soon.


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