Who We Are - Sam Goodwill
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2. Who We Are - Sam Goodwill

Profile by Miles DIlworth

Sam Goodwill
Age: 25
Born: Teddington
Role: 2nd XI Captain
Nicknames: Samesh, Biff
Special strength: Holing out
Cricketing hero: Andrew Flintoff
Walk out song: Here Comes The Boom - Nelly
Richmond CC in three words: Rigs, pipes, salad

Sam is a Richmond colt (now known as Juniors - Ed) done good. Having joined the club aged 6, he was identified from an early age as looking a lot like Biff from Back To The Future. What no-one saw in him, however, was leadership potential, but here we are.

The 25-year-old stands ready to take over ‘The Good Bloke XI’ from club stalwart and alleged murderer Steven Deakin*. He knows there are wounds to be healed. ‘My aim for the season is just to make sure that Deaks doesn’t play at any point,’ he says. ‘When he inevitably comes out of retirement, I will do everything I can not to pick him. I’ll block him on WhatsApp.’

Tensions with the old regime aside, Sam has proven himself a talented all-rounder. A wristy, free-flowing middle order batsman, he does himself a disservice by touting himself as ‘just a biffer’. His right arm darts have proved mightily effective in the middle overs and he has added wicket-taking variations to his armoury. Namely, the long hop and the one that turns.

The captaincy could weigh heavy on such young - if broad - shoulders, but Sam is taking it all in his stride. He wants to bring a calming influence to the dressing room and believes he’ll be ‘good in and around the boys’ - whatever that means. ‘Once you get past being a kid and realise you’re not going to be pro, what you want is to play with people you like and enjoy it,’ he adds. ‘When I used to come back from school or uni and see the same faces, it was like I’d never been away. It’s nice to be part of something like that. It’s all about the first couple with the lads.’

He means shower beers - and Johnny Cash.

*Steven (or "Deaks") actually led a successful 2nd XI to the brink of the league title - and slightly more astonishingly finished leading wicket taker. He is now playing a major role in leading the club's appeal - click here to find out more about how you can help.